Red Giant Magic Bullet Suite v2024.1 for After Effects Video Color and Beauty Plugin

Red Giant Magic Bullet Suite v2024.1 for After Effects Video Color and Beauty Plugin

Magic Bullet V2023.0

Magic Bullet 2024 is a package product that includes 7 color correction tools to visually and creatively create image appearances, from high-quality color grading to noise removal and skin retouching. The latest version 2023 adds the recently released Halation and Diffusion tools to Cinema 4D Look. In the recently released OCIO mode, the looks workflow of Cinema 4D has been greatly enhanced. The integration of Looks and Unreal Engine 5 is flawless. In addition, Denoiser now supports Final Cut Pro and is compatible with M1 machines.


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Red Giant Magic Bullet Suite v2024.1 for After Effects Video Color and Beauty Plugin

Magic Bullet Suite V2023.0

  • Color correction
    Magic Bullet Suite is a complete plug -in that provides you with everything you need to make your material look better on the editing timeline. Powerful color regulation can balance your lens. Not only do you perform color school correction, you can also accurately simulate lens filters and film effects. Now, with the input and output color processing function in LOOKS, Magic Bullet Suite can perfectly integrate into your high -end color work process.
  • Stylization
    Let your shot look like Hollywood movies. Using tools in Magic Bullet Suite, your material can immediately have the contrast of the movie and the exquisite coloring of the big budget movie. With a large number of customized presets based on popular movies and TV programs, you will get exquisite results in a few seconds.
  • Refine
    Quickly balance skin tone, reduce wrinkles, remove skin flaws, and let them show the best state. Magic Bullet Suite makes beauty fast and simple, making your effect naturally, and it looks like there is no sense of disobedience.
  • Clean up
    Save the video noise caused by you in the dark or under high ISO. Magic Bullet Suite can remove noise and retain the details in the lens. After the coloring process is over, Magic Bullet Suite can also re -introduce some delicate textures and natural film particles to make your final finished product look more real and unprepared.


  • Magic Bullet Looks 5 Looks
  • Magic Bullet Colorista V 3
  • Magic Bullet Film
  • Magic Bullet Mojo II
  • Magic Bullet Cosmo II
  • Denoiser III
  • LUT Buddy  LUT

Installation Notes

  • Double -click to install maxon_app_3.1.1_win.exe, do not log in, turn off after the installation is completed
  • Install Magic Bullet Suite Installer.exe. After installing it
  • Install Redgiant Activity Service UnLocker.exe, you can crack it to complete
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