Redshift Renderer V 3.5.23 GPU Rendering Software Free Download

Redshift Renderer V 3.5.23 GPU Rendering Software Free Download

Redshift Renderer V 3.5.23 is the world’s first fully GPU accelerated bias renderer. Redshift is a powerful GPU accelerated renderer designed to meet the specific needs of contemporary high-end production rendering. Redshift is tailor-made to support creative individuals and studios of all sizes, providing a powerful set of features and integrating with industry standard CG applications.

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Functional characteristics

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Redshift Renderer V 3.5.23 GPU Rendering Software Free Download
  • Geometry and texture mapping kernels
    Redshift’s efficient memory management allows for rendering scenes containing billions of polygons and terabytes of texture data.
  • Global illumination
    By using offset based GI technology and brute force operation GI, extremely fast indirect illumination can be achieved.
  • World-class performance
    Utilizing the raw capabilities of GPUs and intelligent sampling technology, Redshift is the world’s fastest renderer.
  • Artists can export object groups to Redshift proxy files, which can be easily referenced by other scenes and allow for powerful shader overlays.
  • Deformation and deformation blur
    Redshift supports multi-step transformation blur and two-step deformation blur.
  • Volume Render
    Use Redshift’s volume rendering feature to render realistic clouds, smoke, fire, and more.
  • Fur rendering with “minimum pixel width”
    Fine hairs can produce noisy rendering. Redshift supports MPW rendering, which can smooth the appearance of small and difficult to sample fur.
  • Surface Subdivision and Permutation
    Redshift’s surface subdivision supports edge and vertex creases, and has independent UV smoothing control.
  • Flexibility by Object
    Objects have advanced masking properties and tracking options, such as self shadows and primary/secondary ray visibility.
  • Baking
    Redshift allows for baking any type of AOV data from a single object.
  • Command line rendering
    Users can use the redshiftCmdLine tool to export their scenes and render them independently of their 3D applications.

Interface display

Installation instructions

Genuine plugin: Normal installation is sufficient. Genuine software, not cracked version. After normal installation, subscription login is required to use it properly!

Cracked version plugin: It needs to be installed strictly according to the document requirements. The cracking technology is relatively mature, but it requires a certain amount of computer knowledge to crack. Note that it is important to uninstall the antivirus software before attempting to crack it, otherwise it may fail. You can contact the webmaster to pay for remote installation.

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