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Rizom-Lab RizomUV v2024.0.77 Free Download

Rizom-Lab RizomUV v2024.0.77

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Rizom-Lab RizomUV v2024.0.77 Free Download

Rizom Lab has released the latest version of the UV mapping tool Unfold3d, RizomUV Real Space&Virtual Space v2024.0.77, now known as RizomUV. It is currently an excellent UV mapping software among CG software and is known for its explosive and fast UV unfolding function. The new version update adds new Photoshop style features for aligning and distributing UV plates, automatic saving system, and improvements to the selection and texture pixel density management workflow. There are still two versions of this software. Virtual Spaces (VS) has features designed for artists working in games, VR, VFX, animation, photogrammetry, or still images. Real Spaces (RS) has all the features of the Virtual Spaces version, adding tools for users using CAD data. RS is designed for product design and works in non normalized UV space while respecting the size of the original model。

Rizom Lab is a development company for UV mapping software Unfold3D. Since its creation by Remi Arquier in 2003, Unfold3D is one of the first commercial software to automatically flatten 3D mesh geometry while preventing stretching and twisting. Then, it quickly found its place in the computer graphics industry and was adopted by many freelancers and large studios. In addition, its core algorithms are now integrated into standard Autodesk Maya.

Functional characteristics

Rizom-Lab RizomUV v2024.0.77 Free Download
  • Instant sealing
    Is it a little enthusiastic about your SUBD? Is it a bit complicated? Need to expand? Rizomuv does not really care about the size. It can flatten the+ 100K polygon model into a completely flat, non -overlapping map in the blink of an eye (almost)
  • Tight packaging
    Our local packaging machine aims to ensure that your islands minimize space waste and achieve efficient positioning and scale when packaging. Of course, it can be packaged, fills blank and placed the shell in anywhere you can think of.
  • Automatic seam
    Don’t like cutting seams? We don’t! This is why we have several specific algorithms and settings to create seams for you, so that you can cut anything from the terrain to the mech in a few seconds according to the parameters you defined. You can even choose to show only the recommended cutting, cutting or one -time cutting, packaging and packaging.
  • Udims and multi -channel
    If you need to expand wings or anything else on multiple blocks or channels, we can meet your needs -Rizomuv provides super simple UDIM and multi -channel functions. Define your tab and/or your channel in any way you like, and then save it. Prosperity! complete!
  • brush
    In addition to clicking the “Expand” button, we also provide you with brush options for fine -tuning UV stickers, including the choice of radius, pressure and algorithm options. When using photography measurement models or heads, these are particularly convenient -and, to save your time by letting you draw, instead of spending a lot of time to find the perfect shear that can solve all problems
  • Superb optimization
    If you are looking for stretching or contraction management, you can use the optimizer and then have our optimizer. We are so good; it is used in the CAD industry to design objects that require micron accuracy.
  • Strong adaptability
    We support OBJ and FBX formats, as well as polygon/objects, materials and smooth groups. Easy to import and export. We also provide Lua script -you can view these main examples by viewing the Bridges created by our community.

Installation Notes

  • Install the main program file
  • Copy all the files in “Crack” to the Rizomuv root directory to perform replacement operation
  • Start rizomuv use
RizomUV v2024.0.77
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RizomUV 2023.0.71
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